Innovative Marketing Materials

Guarantee: Your competition isn't sending one of these!
Most people only send resumes - just like people were doing in the 1950s. Our clients have been blowing the competition out of the water by sending a special report. Most resumes are downright boring. They're full of bland and tedious accounts of past jobs, companies, and degrees. Much of it is hype and propaganda. A Special Report is different.

Here are a two examples of clients who have used this effectively...


Transition to Manufacturing
After years as an oil refinery plant manager, Mike wanted to be in a more traditional manufacturing setting. He found a principle in his work that transcended the gas and oil industry. In his report, "A Simple Low Tech Manufacturing Solution that Saved Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars with No Increase in Staff or Overhead," he showed how he made $ 550,000 in annual savings by "Challenging TTWWADI"--That's The Way We've Always Done It. His credibility was instant; and many doors opened.


Getting credibility in school resource centers without experience
Cookie was a teacher with no direct experience in the job she wanted as a resource-center director (formerly called school librarians). Her special report: "Three Simple, Low Tech Things You Can Do Tomorrow That Can Double the Effectiveness of Your School Resource Center" got her hired for a job within 3 weeks.