Innovative Marketing Materials

Guarantee: Your competition isn't sending one of these!
Most people only send resumesójust like people were doing in the 1950s. Our clients have been blowing the competition out of the water by sending a special report. Most resumes are downright boring. They're full of bland and tedious accounts of past jobs, companies, and degrees. Much of it is hype and propaganda. A Special Report is different.

Here are a two examples of clients who have used this effectively...


Introverted Salesman
Jerry struggled because he didn't have the effervescent personality sales managers love. However, he was a good salesman because he paid attention to detail and took care of his customers. We had him use his strengths to his advantage. Posing as a buyer of the business software he wanted to sell, he contacted the companies he wanted to work foróand carefully recorded the results in a Special Report.

He then approached the sales managers, telling them about his research report on company sales practices in the industry. "By the way," Jerry said, "one of the companies I wrote about was yours." Were they interested? You bet they were!

His special report detailed his appalling experiences: getting stuck in voicemail jungles, calls not returned, materials not sent out, and on and on. His recommendations were embarrassingly simple, but effective, including:
  1. Answer the phone! and
  2. Return phone calls
The report got attention, and Jerry landed the job.


Property Manager
Pete was having problems getting networking interviews set up with property management companies. He switched from sending his resume to sending a special report entitled, "Ten Ways To Make Your Property Make Money (that are so basic & simple you probably forget)" and he got in to see contacts ten times easier.