Career Action Plan Meeting

Is it Time to Make a Move?

In two hours, we'll examine your career situation/job search and tell you: 

   ♦ What you're doing right

   ♦ What's going to hurt you out there

   ♦ Develop a step-by-step plan to:

  • Help you get to the next level
  • Get fair compensation
  • Change directions
  • Make sure you're in a lifeboat when the ship sinks
  • Overcome age discrimination
  • Make sure you're still relevant

We've helped lots of top executives like you to land on their feet.  Let's come up with a plan for your continued success.

Let's face it.  Today's job market is a mine field. No one's job is secure. Since many employers show no loyalty to you, it's critical to look out for yourself.

 But it can be bewildering. Where to go?  What do I say about myself?  Is my resume good enough? What do I do with LinkedIn? How do I stand out from the crowd? How can I meet the people I need to talk to?

We've helped diverse and talented executives like:

  • Guy Newhouse--to get from a shaky start-up to a great job at Apple Computer.
  • Dan Schoenberg--hired as Director of the Des Plaines Historical Society.
  • Jeff Arnold-now Executive Director of Delta Mu Delta International Honorary Business Society.
  • Susan Barbee--transitioned from Operations Executive with a small publisher to a respected HR Director and consultant.



"I was an underpaid restaurant manager, working too many hours. I hardly saw my family. I took your advice and found a great job as a recruiter in  hospitality. I make my own hours and work from home. It's wonderful. You helped change my life, and I can't thank you enough."

David Tantillo
Hired at EHS Hospitality

"Thanks so much for the Career Action Plan Meeting three months ago. As you may remember, I came to you expecting tips on getting hired faster. I expected to hear, "Your resume stinks and you don't make any sense when you speak." Instead, I got some shocking feedback. You said my job campaign was going very well, EXCEPT-I was going after the wrong job. What? You said I should go into sales. I've been an administrative guy. I want you to know that even though I didn't come back to see you again, I did take your message to heart. You were absolutely right. I was in the wrong profession. Sales? Yes! Absolutely! That's who I am! I made a course correction, and am now working as a sales rep selling medical equipment-and loving it. Thanks for your time and advice."

Michael Phillips