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Don't Send That Resume!

Hi--Those of you in the Chicago Area, I hope you'll attend my workshop.  It's called:

 Don't Send That Resume -- and it's FREE

Mon. NOV 12, 7:00 pm in Skokie

Many people are still only sending resumes and cover letters—just like people did decades ago. Others command employers' attention with innovative marketing tools. In today's tough job market, it pays to learn about tools that get more interviews—and help you get hired fast. Steve Frederick will show you methods that help his clients get breakthrough results: how Sarah got a job despite having zero experience in the Tom got top executives to call him within hours of emailing them…how Bob helped friends and fellow job seekers to REALLY help him in his Jerry FINALLY got employers to take him seriously. At Skokie Public Library.  It's OK to just show up, but if you can, please register in advance at their web site.



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