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Posting Resumes on Job Boards: Shortcut to Nowhere

Are you busy posting your resume on all the job boards? Maybe you tell yourself, “What an easy way to get hired. I can just kick back and wait for the employers to call. None of this uncomfortable networking for me!”

Like many things that are easy, this one is not effective.

Undesirable employers  
Employers WILL most likely find you—just not the ones you want. You’ll probably get calls from folks wanting you to sell insurance, become financial planners, and do commission-only sales. These are high-turnover positions where the odds of success—and the employers’ investment in your success—are very low. These are jobs most people don’t want, so they aggressively recruit from the ranks of the unemployed posting resumes.

Recruiter Repellent 
Posting your resume on job boards can turn off good recruiters. One recruiter told me how he has been burned by employers this way. After presenting a candidate to an employer who subsequently hired the candidate, he was denied his fee. The company said they had found the candidate’s resume online. After getting stiffed a couple times, he vowed to avoid anyone who posts their resume online.

Static Resume
Even if employers do find your resume, there is just one version on the job board. You can't tweak it to best match your experience and your skills to the job at hand.

It’s an ineffective strategy. Most employers have better ways to find candidates than looking for those who have posted their resume on these job boards.  

Fooling Yourself

The biggest danger is that you’re fooling yourself, thinking you’re doing great things to advance your job search when you’re just spinning your wheels. This is yet another instance where you need to do what is effective, not what is easy.

Job Search Strategy Not Working?
If your job search strategy isn't working for you, let's have a no-obligation talk. Call 847-673-0339 to discuss how to get on track.


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