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Great LinkedIn Feature That Advances Careers

LinkedIn is infamous for creating great features, then killing them—for no apparent reason. They got rid of LinkedIn Questions, deep-sixed Signal and trashed Advanced Search. Rather than enhancing the value of their site as they charge more, LinkedIn/Microsoft management seems to prefer to charge more for less.

Many have complained that LinkedIn axed yet another great feature. But wait! It’s not actually gone.

LinkedIn just decided to hide it and not tell you. Don’t ask me why. I’m baffled too.

I’m talking about the Alumni Feature.

Your college buddies

Before we discuss the feature, let’s talk about those good folks you hung out with in college. Many people fail to take advantage of those relationships to advance their careers. Your old school chums may be able to give you the inside scoop on the company where they work, provide you with valuable advice about the field, and connect you with people you want to know.

If you’ve let those alumni relationships go dormant, why not revived them now?
Further, even alumni you don’t know from Adam can often be extremely helpful to you. There is a mysterious bond with people from the same university. Though you might never have crossed paths, many alums will be willing, even eager to help. After all, you are a fellow Boilermaker, Trojan, Badger or Buckeye—or fill in the mascot of your university. Many alums will bend over backwards for you simply because of that bond.

What is a Buckeye? It's a species of tree. Why did Ohio State choose a tree for their mascot instead of a person or animal like most everyone else? I know not. Anyway, I'm busy trying to figure out LinkedIn.

The Almuni Feature
Now, let’s discuss the alumni feature. It is a thing of beauty. Suppose that you want to move to a new city – or are looking in the city where you live now. First, find the alumni feature, inconveniently located at

Once there, you will likely see a very unhelpful screen. On top is a cryptic “University or Not University.” What??  Lest you spent too much time scratching your head trying to figure out what that might mean, ignore it and look below where it says “change University.” In the drop-down menu there, you should see the University you attended. Click on it.

A screen then appears that allows you to access a database of alumni connections.

Choose the city you want to search, and then you can choose where they work, what they do, what they studied, and their skills. For the most results, use the “3rd plus everyone else” under how your connected. This will give you access to the profiles of alumni who work in the field—fertile ground for making good contacts.

Build your visibility and credibility with your fellow alumni can pay big dividends in advancing your career.

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