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Before You Lose Your Job--Take Action

You might be fired or laid off without warning.  

Jim was. One day that seemed like just another day at work, he was called into a conference room. "We have to let you go--sorry."

A security guard escorted him to his desk to grab a few personal belongings, then to the exit. Boom! He was locked out.

Jim lost access to his (invaluable) contact list. Documents he wanted to keep were lost. Sentimental items--gone. References? He didn't have their contact information. Those interesting people he'd met at the conference? Their business cards were in his desk--now, probably in the garbage.

He tried to reconstruct his contact list, but it was a whole lot of work--and valuable time wasted. Of course, he could only remember a small fraction of his contacts.

What about work samples? He had nothing with which to create a portfolio or a web site to display them.  

This short article might save you a lot of grief.

Whether you think your head is on the chopping block or not, take action. Today! Make sure you have that contact list and your references' contact info at home. Copy key documents, business cards, and anything else you might want. Make sure your work samples aren't lost. Copy them, store them on a flash drive or email them to your home.  

This is your carer equity.  Protect it.

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