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Seven Reasons To Get a New Job--Quick!

Sometimes, we all get frustrated with our jobs. We may even think about quitting—even without another job. Most of us can't afford to do that, but we DO need to get out fast. Here are a few signs that say it's time to scram--ASAP.

1) A negative Monday morning check in
How do you feel about work on Monday morning? Excited? Indifferent? Bored? Nauseous? How you spend your work hours profoundly affects the rest of your life. Is work uplifting and inspiring—or does it drag you down? Some people tolerate stultifying boredom and toxic work environments for years, then wonder why friends aren't anxious to get together and their love life goes nowhere.

Ronnie got a jolt when her Monday morning check in came a day early. Her very first thought on Sunday morning was, "Oh no! I have to work tomorrow." Then she thought, "I can't even enjoy my weekend!" That experience motivated her to switch jobs pronto. She also realized that in all the time she'd been there, her longest relationship had lasted six weeks.

2) Is your job damaging your health?
Are you stressed out? Do you have too much to do? Is the pace frantic? Do you deal with unpleasant people too much? Chronic stress can contribute to health issues as diverse as depression, insomnia, heart disease, skin disorders and headaches.

Bill's hypercritical boss made him so nervous that Bill would wake up in the middle of the night and find himself standing beside his bed, "doing his job" in his sleep. Bill found this frightening, and quickly headed for the exit.

3) Is work incompatible with family life?
Five years ago, Mark loved the long hours and the frequent travel. But after getting married and becoming a father, travel lost its luster. He missed his family, and hated that his daughter hardly knew him. His new job allows him to be home for dinner.

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4) Is your supervisor blocking your professional growth?

Tom started his job eager to learn and advance. Unfortunately, his supervisor, Herman, kept assigning him to menial, unchallenging work. He disapproved when Tom took initiative and suggested tackling unmet needs. Herman wouldn't approve any training for staff in Tom's section, but sent others to week-long seminars. When Herman said Tom had to spend his own money if he wanted a $30 software text, Tom realized this was a dead end job, and started packing.

5) Is your self esteem dropping by the minute?
Boring jobs and toxic work environments can be deadly to self-esteem. This is particularly unfortunate because healthy self esteem is critical to successfully market yourself.

Jamie's boss divided the office into the "do-no-wrongs" and the "do-no-rights." After two years of being a "do-no-right," she didn't even notice her self-worth had hit bottom. Fortunately, a good friend did and advised her to get out fast. Jamie mustered all her strength and got support from friends, family, a career coach and a support group and landed on her feet in another company.

6) Is the quality of your work suffering?
you've always had high standards for your work—until the last few months. you're bored, unchallenged, and you're just enduring your work day.

Frank found himself arriving late in the morning, his reports lacked polish, and he was letting deadlines slip. Not only that, but he realized that, quite frankly, he just didn't care. He had outgrown the job, and it was time to move on. Fortunately, he made his move before he burned bridges with his employer.

7) Are you embarrassed to talk about work?
Party conversations often start with the question, "What do you do?" Do you feel proud and enjoy sharing about work, or do you mumble and quickly change the subject?

When Lisa realized how uncomfortable she was talking about work, she realized that tearing people apart in ugly divorce proceedings wasn't the reason she attended law school. She switched into a practice that felt ethical and fit her personality.

If work isn't enhancing your life, you owe it to yourself to be in action and make a change. But plan your campaign carefully so you Don't wind up in an even worse place.



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